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(1)解析αβT 、γδT及NKT细胞在胸腺内的早期发育及在外周长期维持的分子机制,阐明各种T细胞亚群如何维持机体完整的免疫系统;



















目前在ImmunitySci AdvPNASJ Immunother CancerElifePlos GeneticsJournal of Immunology等杂志上公开发表SCI论文40余篇,共被引用1000余次;担任中国免疫学会理事、陕西省抗癌协会副理事长,器官与系统整合教材-副主编。Frontiers in Cell and Developmental BiologyBMC ImmunologyJournal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine杂志Associated Editor, 担任International ImmunopharmacologyFrontiers in Immunology杂志的编委。


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